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At last but bit leaset, the most breathtaking haute couture collections. Brilliant and creative young designer named Grace Soenjaya. It is one of the best collection that we liked most, beautiful gowns and dresses designed with different characters are shown on the runway.

Her collection called ‘Rage and Serenity’, which had the philosophy of balance between human good side and bad side. She realized this philosophy by making couture gowns with extreme details, such as feathers, beads, and silhouettes. She also used red, black, and white to give mysterious assents and elegance looks. For the make up, the models used black lipstick and eye shadow to create the mysterious looks.

Grace Soenjaya has already gotten her strong talent and passion in fashion industry since she was a child. Born in a family with a fashion background makes Grace became more attracted to the industry itself and finally decided to do her professional course on fashion design at RIHE Malaysia and Australia.


Her couture collection is the crowd’s favorite collection. She is the only one who design a couture collection, great strategy, hers is the most memorable, we personaly like hers!! We becoming her fan already!