Jakarta Fashion Week 2013: RIHE Indonesia Today, The world tomorrow.

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Taking “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow” as the theme, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 started on 3rd November 2012 at Plaza Senayan. By a happy chance, Raffles Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) got to take part in JFW 2013 on 5th November 2012, and it was their first time showcasing their students’ work. There are 6 brilliant and talented students of RIHE who participated in the most anticipated fashion event of the year, Jakarta Fashion Week.


A young designer, Grace Soenjaya has already gotten her strong talent and passion in fashion industry since she was a child. Born in a family with a fashion background makes Grace became more attracted to the industry itself and finally decided to do her professional course on fashion design at RIHE Malaysia and Australia. Right now, she is continuing her family line, which is “INGE MODISTE” which concentrates on nightgowns.


     The last designer is Grace Soenjaya, she is a designer who makes a range of haute couture collection, and she chooses Rage and Serenity to be the title for her collection. Her collection is very beautiful and breathtaking. Embroidery and prints are applied on each dress that she makes, beads and sequins are put on some dresses as well. Great details.