Introduction of GRACE SOENJAYA

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A young designer, Grace Soenjaya has already gotten her strong talent and passion in fashion industry since she was a child. Sophisticated feminine look and lavish feel of elegant embroidery details describes Grace Soenjaya’s signature design.

She was selected to represent RDI at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 and given the honour to perform the closing show. Born in a family with a fashion background makes Grace became more attracted to the industry itself and finally decided to do her professional course on fashion design at RIHE Malaysia and Australia.

Her collections centred on couture dresses that are rich in tradition and heavy volume silhouette. Grace’s passion in fashion started at a very young age and was inspired by her family’s fashion and textile businesses. Graduated from Raffles Design Institute (RDI), Sydney, Australia in 2012, she returned to Indonesia to continue her dream to inspire people with innovative style and establish her own fashion line. Her recent designs “RAGE & SERENITY” in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 have made news in international news articles.